Monday, July 12, 2010

Look whooo's here!

Such a little cutie-pie. These photos make you long for the days when your newborn would fall asleep on your chest. I remember those days--it did not matter what you needed to get done-- laundry or dishes, whatever--you had to sit on the couch and soak in all the baby warmth and snuggles! 
I love to coordinate the colors of the announcement with the colors in the photos. The green leaves pick up the colors in his blanket and the brown tones mirror the photo background--it makes for such a comforting design. Welcome to the world, baby Jacob!

1 comment:

  1. Hey Teresa! Thanks for stopping by. :)
    It was great to meet you too, and I was
    thrilled to have a buddy in class with me.
    I'll be posting a pic of your adorable owl later in the week! You are really talented, you should seriously make some prints of your piece.
    Much Love,